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At Fowler Byers Law Group, PLLC,  we understand the challenges faced by our clients. From being injured  in accidents to facing criminal charges, our clients come to us in times  of real need. We understand that and offer our clients the skilled and  experienced representation they need from a personal injury attorney to help them find peace of mind and  have confidence about the outcomes of their cases.

Over the years at Fowler Byers Law Group, PLLC in Owensboro we have been helping people face and overcome their legal  challenges, we have earned a solid reputation within the legal community  for caring about our clients and for providing representation that is  able to generate the positive results they need from a Personal Injury Attorney in Owensboro .

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Have You Been Injured In An Accident?


The aftermath of a serious accident  is often overwhelming. Extensive medical care may be necessary. It can  be hard to think about anything apart from ensuring that you or your  injured loved one is getting the necessary medical care. But, it is  important soon after an accident to begin taking steps to ensure that  the right to be compensated is protected and that you or your loved one  is not taken advantage of by an unscrupulous insurance company.


Are You Facing Criminal Charges?

 Being charged with a crime  is something no one ever wants to face. But, when it happens, you need  to take action. You need to respond to your problem in an intelligent  manner in order to protect yourself from the consequences of a  conviction, which can include jail time, fines and other continuous  difficulties caused by having a criminal record. We can help you present  a highly effective defense against a range of criminal charges. 

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